Friendly Arm Inn

Tom's ACTUAL Reflections

Wipes my memory in my SLEEP? Being raised so far from other people is no excuse for what that child did. She doesn’t get a free pass because she “didn’t know better”. And I could give a damn that she got my dagger back (it was probably Sam’s idea anyway). Giving back a trinket has nothing to do with betraying my trust and casting spells on me while I was sleeping, and to undo a stupid childish mistake that she made, too.

She want’s to learn how to act around people? Fine. Actions, meet consequences.

Tom's Reflections

…hm. I wonder how Bartholomew’s doing?

Thoughts of a teenage mage

“Stupid stupid stupid.” Why did I go and kiss him… “breathe, and try to relax.”
sound of pages turning
“I hope Tom is safe…I should have brought him too.” Then I would have to face him right now! “Stupid stupid stupid.”
sound of Skaadi speaking
Father warned me not to get involved with rogues. “He was so nice when we first met and helped console me when I found out about Ava.” It didn’t mean anything though he was with Meliadoul. “Stupid stupid stupid.”
sound of Sam speaking
Gah! I almost wish I was back in the fields being attacked by Bethany. “That would simplify things. Just cast a pit spell and deal with the problem…cast a spell…”
sound of heavy footsteps on boat
What school of teachings was it from again… “Druid…no. Cleric…no. Bard…BARD!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Modify memory: Reach within the subject’s mind to alter or remove memories…I could do this.
sound of Tom talking
“At best I could remove the kiss from his memory like it never happened.” I would remember, and so would everyone else… “He would still remember that I nearly died.” If dad knew that he would lock me away in my room forever.
“Stupid stupid stupid.” Why did I go and kiss him… “breathe, and try to relax.”


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