Samantha Cole

The Buxom Bard


Sam is quite exquisite and is predominantly known for her fiery red hair under a large white cavalier hat with a tall ostrich plume brandished out the right side. She has deep emerald eyes that mesmerizes the masses. Her fair skin resembles polished marble. Standing at about five foot, six inches tall and around one hundred and twenty-seven pounds, her perfectly curved body trembles the knees of the stoutest men. Her beauty can only be compared to the fairest of all gods, Sune. Only on rare occasions can she be found without her bull whip lashed to her side or putting down oppressors of all that is good.


Samantha was born without knowledge of her mother or father. She and her sister, Sophia, were abandoned or lost at birth. The first recollections she had was of a nasty old man forcing her to work as a house servant in Athkatla, the City of Coin, in Amn. She was one of a dozen or so servants who had no other choice but to work for him. She was treated pretty average during those years, but just enough to get by. Before adolescence, she was shipped from one master to another. Her specialty was common house work. Upon becoming of ripe age, her role was changed and was traded off to a vile man, named Bromwood Grinn, whose brutality was known throughout the city. During this time, she sprouted into an avatar of Sune herself. Her fiery red hair, emerald eyes, and fair skin were a mirror image of Sune. Her beauty led to becoming the house maiden to Grinn. As house maiden, she was never treated with force for fear of harming her magnificence. Instead, Grinn would whip the other servants for her insolence. Those actions tore into her soul, so she became subservient.

For the next few years, she was not allowed outside the keep. Instead, she refined her voice into an impressive instrument of brilliance. Also, she refined her duplicitous nature to keep the ones she cared for unscathed. During her free time, she sang with her sister Sophia, another house maiden. The circumstances, although nauseating, were almost bearable. One night, Sam awoke to hear Sophia screaming from the other room. She ran in to find Grinn whipping Sophia in a frenzy. Sam tried to intervene, but caught an open palm to temple with such force, she fell to the ground, unconscious. When she awoke, Sophia was lying next to her, blood dripping from her face and body into a pool. Sophia was almost killed that night and would be scarred for life.

Sam had enough of this life and started devising a plan to escape. She became very intimate with Grinn; finally being the true maiden he always wanted. Her deceitful subservience paid in full, and she learned all the inner workings of the keep; the guard rotations, the service schedules, and her master’s daily agenda were all at her disposal. Sam set into motion; informing the other servants to move at her command. That night, she laid with Grinn one last time. This night, though, she bed him like never before, weakening him into a deep slumber. When the time was right, she awoke him, with his whip lashed around his neck. His muffled screams never left the room. Sam sat on his chest, in total enjoyment, until the quivering ceased. She gathered the rest of the servants and snuck out the gate onto a carriage she had arranged. They left Amn for good, keeping the whip that claimed her first life.

Sophia and Sam reached Baldur’s Gate and stayed there for many years working as street performers. They didn’t make much, but it was enough to live on, and nobody owned them. She finally understood what freedom truly was, and it invigorated her. A wonderful half-orc, named Dumag, began her training in the magical arts of persuasion. The life of a bard was difficult, but nothing like what she left behind. Sam was a quick study, learning many instruments and dances before Dumag was done teaching them. She specialized in coercion and espionage, as well as mastery of the whip. She wanted to use her wiles to prevent harm from happening to others and use the weapon of subjugation to overthrow oppressors. Once her training was completed, Dumag honored her by re-wrapping, with fine leathers, the whip she had stolen from Grinn.

Samantha Cole

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