Welcome to the Friendly Arm Inn!

“Newly reconquered and re-opened by the preeminent adventurers of Baldur’s Gate, the Heroes of Firewine, the Friendly Arm Inn offers the best and most secure accommodations a traveler could desire. Here at the Friendly Arm, we offer board of any quality you desire, in a castle as solid as the day the final stones were laid, a full compliment of trained guardsmen, and food and spirits prepared by the community’s most skilled cooks and brewers.

Care for a drink and curious about the latest gossip? Friendly co-owner Leah Mirrorshade can often be found in the tavern with a ready smile and a full pint waiting just for you.

Does your party desire entertainment? The Friendly Arm is a patron to many traveling minstrels, and often plays host to none other than Sam, the one and only Buxom Bard of Baldur’s Gate! If you’re in the mood for a good tale, seek out the barbarian skald from the Frozen North’s icy plains, Segard Whitemane, as he weaves stories of daring-do and high adventure.

Need a blade, armor, nails, horseshoes, or repairs? The Friendly Arm comes equipped with its own smithy run by co-owner Ava Feylin, a master smith who has traveled the world and learned all the secrets of its metals and how to shape them. Her apprentice Ifrin can see to your needs in her stead, as well. Look for the giant man-on-fire with the hammer in his hand!

Finally, your security worries are a thing of the past under the watchful eye of Thomas Fol’ary. Well-versed in the tricks of fiendish rogues, this exceedingly handsome, charismatic, rakish man who stands as tall as a mountain and with the same sort of majesty, will with great flair and panache thwart any ne’er-do-wells that would do you or your coin purse harm. What a guy!"