Ursta Stonefire

A dwarf shaman?


Ursta Stonefire is as thick of build and stubborn of mind as any dwarf, but she stands apart from them in spirit. She practices shamanistic earth magic and communes with the voices of rock and iron, like the subterranean race’s equivalent of a Druid. Though she hasn’t been forthcoming as to why she travels the surface, she has remained the erstwhile companion of Meliadoul and Skaadi, and a friend to the members of Friendly Arms.

In her attempts to speak to the spirits that fuel Segard’s chilling rage, the primal connection her magics created drove them to a series of trysts that both of their respective parties decided was unhealthy. Since the two parties reunited, the primal-powered pair have shared more than one session of awkward glances at one another.

Ursta Stonefire

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