Tidey Goldbutter

Dairy magnate.


They say halflings only stop looking youthful when they’ve found success, and Tidey Goldbutter exemplifies the stereotype. Smile lines and other creases in his face have become permanent fixtures, and his belly has rounded out thanks to the excesses of a halfling diet coupled with resting on his laurels.


Goldbutter is one of several halfling merchants who capitalized on the economic waves created by the restoration of the Firewine Bridge and opening of the trade route over the bridge, becoming richer than most halflings can dream of in the process. Today, Goldbutter Farms is considered the premiere source for premium dairy. When his success seemed to be threatened by the Friendly Arm Inn and the Beregost trade routes’ resurgence, he joined Lord Blackmoor in blustering at the Firewine Heroes, but was quickly satisfied with the prospect of an exclusive trade deal with the Friendly Arm Inn.

Tidey Goldbutter

Friendly Arm Inn Schneidend