Morthil Eboncross (Deceased)

A most unfriendly siege commander.


Morthil is an unusually unkempt drow, no doubt haggard from many sleepless hours spent researching necromancy and animating undead rather than dealing with the superfluous politics of the Underdark. Nevertheless, his matte black face has the sharp features that render most of his kin living works of art, though the bags under his eyes either from too little sleep or seeing too much mar such elfin beauty. He wears the hallmark robes of a wealthy and powerful wizard, and carries many trinkets that look to be brimming with arcane power.


Morthil openly displays the decaying wings symbol of the Fateless cult on the banners of his undead army. Aside from having a wry sense of humor and being a necromancer, the party does not know much about him.

Morthil Eboncross (Deceased)

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