Lord Rusar Blackmoor

A cutthroat noble and investor.


Lord Blackmoor is a middle-aged man, his brown hair dulling to grey slowly but surely. He is fit of build thanks to his love of hunting, but he is hardly an athlete or a warrior. Though homely, he keeps his appearance well looked after and always wears the finest clothing.


The first of his line to be recognized a noble, Rusar Blackmoor is a self-made man thanks to his considerable business acumen. He is known to not only be a savvy investor, but often makes sure to invest his money such that his successes create opportunities others can seize upon, themselves. The Dukes of Baldur’s Gate granted him his title and a fief east of Baldur’s Gate after he helped improved the road to Scornubel, one of the city-state’s strongest trade partners.

After the Firewine Heroes liberated the eponymous bridge, Lord Blackmoor enacted an even more ambitious project in that part of the country. The Firewine trade route was wildly successful because it caravans past the halfling settlement of Gullykin – who provided not only a new market but the novelty of new and different goods – and well around the Bhaalite cultists and other banditry along the road through Beregost. Bandits fear to lurk in the lycantrhope-ridden Wood of Sharp Teeth, but the beasts of the wood are rarely interested in attacking caravans. The greater risk paid off, and Blackmoor not only became fabulously wealthy, but is heralded almost as great a savior to Gullykin as the Firewine Heroes.

There is a dark side to the man’s successes, however. The higher one climbs in the business world, the more often one must ruthlessly defend one’s place. Hushed voices talk of Blackmoor’s connection not only to Baldur’s Gate’s Lightfingers thieve’s guild, but the infamous Shadow Thieves of Amn. Blackmoor is rumored to occasionally resort to sabotaging rivals, but most often uses such tactics against equally pitiless trade interests such as the Iron Throne.

(All of this has been sussed out by the party through various knowledge checks and information gathering, so feel free to use it as a reference.)

Lord Rusar Blackmoor

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