Leah Mirrorshade

One determined little lady.


Leah is a picture of gnome femininity. Auburn hair in a copper band frames a pretty face dominated by large brown eyes and a button nose. Her three foot, four inch frame has been kept reasonably fit by standing and walking all day, and hauling around trays weighed down by several pints of ale.


The granddaughter of Bentley and Gellana Mirrorshade, the Friendly Arm’s original owners, Leah was raised on tales of their exploits and how they eventually settled down to start up their ambitious fortress inn. But, the inn had been lost in the tumultuous Spellplague, and never recovered while in the hands of various villains. Early in her adolescence, Leah resolved to reclaim the inn and once again make the road south of Baldur’s Gate a safe place for travelers and trade.

After their success at Firewine Bridge, and one wild party in Beregost, the Heroes of Firewine went their separate ways to spend their coin. Segard found himself in the Elfsong tavern where Leah worked, eager to spread the group’s legend and have more fun. While Leah did not join the barbarian youth’s frivolities beyond occasionally flirting, she was certain she could use his prowess, and that of his friends, to conquer the Friendly Arm. Looking back, she feels ashamed to have sought to manipulate people who are now her closest friends. But, she reasons, adventurers do need leads to have successful adventures, and smiles at the thought of being such an enabler of their reckless, dungeon delving behavior.

Leah Mirrorshade

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