An alluring pain-in-the-ass.


Though a succubus and therefore able to shapeshift at-will, Lanshia’s native form seems to be a tall, full-figured woman with fair skin and bright red hair. Supple, bat-like wings stretch from her back or drape around her like a light cloak. She tends to wear white and black, with her favorite piece of clothing being a white silk dress that hugs her form perfectly.


Lanshia had fooled a tribe of gnolls into believing she was a herald of their demonic god, Yeenoghu. She led the tribe to conquer Nashkel’s iron mine as part of some scheme by the Fateless and her master, Lady Darkwing. The succubus would occasionally summon demonic gnolls to breed with the tribe as a reward for their services and to strengthen her small army of savages. Though her operation was disrupted by Friendly Arms, the party found she was largely impervious to their attacks, and she grew bored with the fight and teleported away.

She seems to be in some sort of sexual relationship with fellow Fateless member Azura. The two have shown to be genuinely fond of one another, perhaps because of their shared Evil tendencies.


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