The party really hates this guy.


A short, stout man with skin like beige beach sand. His hair is a cluster of sharp, sky blue crystals, and his eyes match their hue and luster. Azura’s perpetual, predatory smile is lined with triangular teeth. Coupled with his prominent, almost pyramidal nose and angular features, he looks comparable to a shark.


Azura seems to be a practicing Druid, and a powerful one, such that he was able to easily challenge his way to the Archdruid position of the Cloakwood Circle and convert them to the militant anti-civilization teachings of shadow druidism. He was warping the Cloakwood druids to his ends in service to the Fateless and its leader, Lady Darkwing. During an encounter with Friendly Arms he was poisoned and fled the battle.

He seems to be in some sort of sexual relationship with fellow Fateless member Lanshia. The two have shown to be genuinely fond of one another, perhaps because of their shared Evil tendencies.


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